Why this method?

Jeff Galloway is a former U.S. Olympic team member who has run over 130 marathons. Through his training program, he is coach to over 300,000 runners and walkers Internationally. He is also the author of many running books, including the best-seller, Galloway’s Book on Running, and writes a monthly column in Runner’s World magazine.

Jeff’s training program is to help runners of all skill levels and ages to complete a half or a full marathon. Even out of shape and inactive individuals can complete a marathon at the end of the training period by adhering to Jeff’s run/walk approach to training. This approach establishes a run/walk ratio that enables participants to go the distance while remaining healthy and injury free.

Summit Fitness Studio is the only accredited Galloway RUN-WALK-RUN provider in Australia. Why not bring a friend and join us for one of our weekly group runs  and experience great camaraderie, effective training and lots of support.

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